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Welcome to NextLifter.com, my online contribution to Powerlifting. Over the last 30 years, Iíve been a lifter, ref and coach and Iíve put together this set of tools to help you run your Powerlifting contests. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel, all you need is a laptop, a printer, and a projector to run meets better, faster, and more accurately. The scoring program started as a simple Excel spreadsheet with a barload graphic has grown to a full blown suite of programs and tools to help you run PL contests from local level to world championships Ė and itís all free.

Youíll need to send me an e-mail to get the program. There are a number of versions of the program to accommodate different federations and types of contests (Olympic lifting too). I wasnít able to write a universal one that accommodated every federation and variation that meet directors have come up with. Please e-mail me a copy of your entry form or a description of your contest so I can get you started with the version thatís the best match for your needs.

Good luck and good lifting.

Joe Marksteiner

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