Why is it FREE?

Joe Marksteiner wants you to benefit from his work...Here's why!

There is no charge for using the program and it may be freely distributed. It is copyrighted because I wouldn't want somebody else to sell it. All I ask is, if you use the program and you like it, that you consider a contribution in my daughter's name to the Silver Lining Foundation/Little Star Foundation. You can find them on the web at:


In January 2002 we lost our 16-year-old daughter - Liz Marksteiner - after a 16-month fight with cancer. She grew up around our Powerlifting family. While Liz never had any desire to lift, she was so proud of my wife and I when we were competing.

When she was old enough she almost always found a way to help out at the competitions - if she were here she'd be running this program. The summer before her death she spent a magical week at the Silver Lining Ranch in the Colorado mountains she loved. The ranch is a retreat for kids with cancer and it meant so much to her and us.

Best of luck with the program.
Joe Marksteiner

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