Joe's Powerlifting Toolkit...take what you need!

Running a powerlifting event?
If you have a need, I probably have some items that can help you. Regardless of the type of meet you are running or no matter the federation you are affiliated with, if there's something here you can use, feel free to take what you need.

Free downloads from Joe's Powerlifting Toolkit:

PL Item Description Requirements File size
Next Lifter Easy Instructions Easy to follow instructions MS Excel 575kb
Excel Barload Program Speed up your contest with an overhead display of the plates to load on the bar. Customize it for the actual plates you have on the platform. MS Excel 266kb
Excel Loading Charts Customized loading charts for the plates you have on the platform. Pounds, kilos, squat bars, with or without collars. MS Excel 332kb
Kilo Conversion Chart Always have enough on hand. Print new ones whenever you need them. MS Excel 19kb
Speakers Cards Print speaker's cards directly from your list of lifters. Automatically fills in name, team, division, lifting session and flight. Prints 4 cards on each 8.5 by 11 sheet (use pre-perforated card stock or print on letter sized paper and cut with scissors). MS Excel 317kb
Attempt Cards Print attempt cards to be used at the next attempt table. Prints 10 cards on each 8.5 by 11 sheet. MS Excel 18kb
Schematic and Parts List for PL Lights Tired of lights that don't work correctly? Easy weekend job for the do-it-yourselfer MS PowerPoint 229kb
Timer Easy to use shareware program.
Note: This is a link to a shareware found on another site.