Next Lifter Software....a quick glance!

No matter what the situaion may be, Next Lifter software is easy to set up and use!
Below are a list of features actual screenshots of Next Lifter software in use.

Next Lifter Software features include:

  • Excel based (2000 and 2003)
  • Run a Powerlifting contest from Weigh-in to Award Ceremony with a single computer, projector, and printer
  • Intuitive Operation (point and click)
  • Scoreboard, Barload Graphic, and Lifting Order all on a single display
  • Versions for everything from Local contests to IPF World Championships
    • Configurable for 3-Lift, Push-Pull and Single lift contests
    • Lift in Pounds or Kilos
    • Weight classes in Pounds or Kilos - even define your own!
    • Scoring by Total or Formula (weight, age or both)
  • Free - anyone may use, copy, or share the program
  • Charitable contributions may be made to The Little Star Foundation (
  • Author: Joe Marksteiner Contact Joe at:
Kilos or Lbs? You decide!
So you have a kilo set? No problem...Next Lifter software easily accommodates both lbs. and kilo sets, and will even display the color coded plates, which you can conveniently set up according to how your plates are colored!
Choose the type of meet...Powerlifting, Benchpress,'s your call!
Not only can you run a powerlifting event with Next Lifter software, but you can easily run single lift competitions or even Push-Pull meets! How about a Powerlifting meet with a benchpress division? No problem!
Need printable loading charts...Next Lifter software does it!
Along with displaying the plates to be loaded onscreen, Next Lifter software also offers the option to print the loading charts based on the plate configuration that you have determined in setup. In just seconds each referee will not only be able to see the load projected on the big screen, but they will also have a copy in their hands!
Stressed at weigh-ins? Not any more...
One of the most stressful periods for a meet director is the time between weigh-ins and getting the meet started. Getting all lifter data entered accurately and in a timely fashion can be a challenge! Those times are over thanks to Next Lifter software.

As each lifter weighs in and their meet card is brought to the pc, in just seconds their bodyweight, openers and even rack height can be entered!
Next Lifter software in action!
Not only does Next Lifter software tell you the correct weight to be loaded and who is up, but the software displays the order of the flight, the lifters current best lift, sub-totals, totals and more! Fans will be able to sit in the audience and actually know who is in the lead.

The days of announcing the next 3-4 lifters are virtually over, since everyone can easily see the order. This leaves the announcer longer to talk bout the current lifter or make other key announcements.
Real time results figured lifter by lift.....AUTOMATICALLY!
As deadlifts are completed, not only are totals displayed, but a category for the lifter's place is displayed as well! Imagine not having to wait around to know where you placed, you will know prior to making the lift where you will stand!
Results sheets
Waiting for awards has never been shorter with Next Lifter software. After the final lift is completed, the meet director simply presses a button and the results begin's that simple! Results are broken down by division and weight class so they can easily be announced during the awards ceremony.
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